Empowering the retail ecosystem through data

Metriko.ai is the Next-Generation of Retail IT Infrastructure

Metriko.ai empowers retailers, retail tech integrators, and retail tech applications to overcome the challenges of fragmented systems and complex integrations.


Reduction in IT and Operational Costs


Optimization in Retail IT Infrastructure Uptime


Faster time to market of retail IT project.

With Metriko.ai, you can streamline your operations, improve data consistency, and eliminate bottlenecks to achieve unparalleled efficiency and cost savings.

Metriko.ai was designed for the smart management of retail businesses, with three layers of features:

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Enables seamless, secure, and stable integrations between multiple applications and systems in the Retail IT architecture

Business Intelligence

Connects data from different sources to get you closer to the true state of your business


Streamlines and Automates key functions of item and order processing  from a centralized dashboard

Girit Technologies is the exclusive distributor of Metriko.ai in Israel.


    Retail IT Application Developers

    Widens the market by increasing compatibility

    Streamlines and shortens sales and onboarding

    Reduced churn rates and project failures


    Retail IT integrators

    Improved delivery times and Client satisfaction

    Automation of key integration processes, increased margins

    Recurring revenues as resellers of Metriko.ai