Improving product pages on ecommerce sites

Improving product pages on ecommerce sites

When building an online store, there is a tendency to think that the appearance of the home page is the most important thing, since it is the first thing you see when you access the site. However, the main goal of e-commerce sites is sales, and to achieve this goal you need quality product pages that are well structured.

Effective product pages are very important to quickly convey the value of the displayed product. . They show potential customers what the product looks like, show them how it feels, and make them increase the motivation to purchase.

We have selected 4 tips for improving your product pages’ conversion rates and subsequently increase your site’s sales.

  1. Pay attention to your CTA (call to action).
    1. Keep it clear and simple: the “Add-to-Cart” button is the most important CTA. This button must be visible and clear. 
    2. Make sure the Add-to-cart button is above the fold on both desktop and mobile. 
    3. Check that the call to action text is simple and direct like “Add to cart” or “Buy now”.
  2. Invest in good product photography:
    1. Show the product from several angles
    2. Consider using a photo that allows Zoom-in if it is important to show the texture of the product
    3. Make sure the images are linked to the product name (product variable). For example on a cosmetics website: the name of the nail polish is “Effie (bright pink)”, so it is clear what color the nail polish is thanks to the note in brackets
    4. Consider including product images according to the design language of the brand, for example stylized or realistic images depending on what the brand represents
  3. Be sure to write content that sells:
    1. Explain why your product is special and worth the price
    2. Provide clear information about shipments and returns
    3. Maintain a human writing style and not just a technical one
  4. Create trust:
    1. Social proof: Include reviews, photos from Instagram, this is especially important for new brands
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